Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day 41: Let down by the media

Today's coverage was overshadowed by Trump's speech last night. Because he demonstrated he was capable of reading a speech that somebody else wrote from a teleprompter, mainstream media fell over itself to declare him "presidential", and I refuse to link to such articles. This was despite the fact that his speech presented largely unchanged shallow policies that severely lacked in detail, was full of xenophobic dogwhistles, and was grossly misleading if not flat-out wrong on almost every detail. I was particularly unimpressed by taking political advantage of a grieving widow whose husband died in a raid Trump refuses to take responsibility for.
Regardless, people apparently have an attention span of mere days, and think that when Trump puts on a vaguely passable performance, that all is right in the world again (warning: this one will make your blood boil). As Jezebel puts it: "If his address to Congress was a historic moment, it will be historic because it was the moment Trump’s bigotry became “presidential” and the American people stopped resisting." If you need any reminder of just how awful this President has been, just look through the archives of this blog.

In other news:

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