Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 77: Making war with Syria

After a devastating chemical attack on Tuesday, Syria is dominating the news today, and events have unfolded quickly. In mostly chronological order:
So, this is basically an act that Syria will construe as an act of war, and may well be the beginning of a proxy war against Russia, who have been backing Assad's regime in Syria. We are once again seeing that the President's role as Commander in Chief is quite significant in foreign affairs. Except that this time, we have a fucking moron in charge, and his team is woefully unprepared to advise him. I have zero faith in our administration's ability to not escalate this and draw the US into yet another war.

I am seriously worried that we'll wake up tomorrow and discover that the world is literally falling apart. Add Syria to escalations in North Korea... About the only thing I'm certain of is that Trump is going to make a mess of it, and lead to a huge and expensive loss of lives, with no objectives, and little to show for it in a few year's time.

I also worry that this is all an expensive attempt to divert from the continuing Russian investigations.

In other news:

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