Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 88: Egg rolls, anybody?

So, the White house held it's annual Easter Egg Roll today. Trump was ostensibly hosting, but I believe that to be far too generous a word. About the best I'll give him is that he was "present" for part of it.
  • As part of a regulatory rollback executive order back in January, Trump requested industry point out what regulations were stifling them. Well, the results are in. No prizes for guessing who the prime target is. The list of rollback requests is disgusting. Many of these will lead to harming people by putting profits first.
  • Trump isn't the only one wanting to roll back regulations: Jeff Sessions is on that gravy train too, writing an Op Ed today to push his dystopia where police can once again be "tough on crime", aka, undertake the mass incarceration of minorities.
The rest of the news today was dominated by North Korea once again.
The ante seems to be ratcheting up every day. I'm worried that North Korea is going to call the USA's bluff, and then who knows how Trump will respond.

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